Hi there and welcome to my small (ehmm, well ok, maybe not anymore)
computer collection. I've started collecting computers since +/- 1 october 1997.
I've made some alterations to the look of this page, hope you like it.
If you see a computer in this list with no year behind it and you know
it please send it to me, thanks!

 If i have anything for sale i will put it in the 'Old Computer Market'.
Other people can also place their ad here. I'm ofcourse always intrested in swapping.

Any pictures of any computers that are in this list are also very welcome!
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There are currently 145 different! computers/terminals/game consoles in the collection. 

You can click on some computers for a picture and/or some more background info. 

And also ofcourse THANKS to the following people for donating these computers:

Dajo Brinkman for the Tele-Ball III
Fam. Murre for the Atari 1024STF
Fam. van de Vorst for the Apple IIe
My old school (TI Vlissingen) for the Digital Microvax II, 3400 and the ICL Clan
Henk Koerts for the TRS-80 Model III and the P2000T
Fam. van Oosten for the Olivetti A5, BCS 2020, BCS 2030 and the DCS 2010
N.J. v/d Duijn Schouten for the BBC B
Dimitri Ars for the Digital VT320,PS/2 Model 30 and Model 80,Commodore 8032-SK,Philips :YES,IBM RT, Arix 800
Roel Gabriëlse for the Commodore 4032
Sjaak van Loo for the IBM PC
Hogeschool Zeeland for the Intel Intellec Series II
David Posthuma for the DEC MicroPDP 11/73,DEC Professional 325,Atari 260ST,Olivetti M24,IBM PS/2 Model 35SLC and Model 50 and the Cit 101 Terminal
Ton Polet for the Philips P5002
Stevan van Boven for the IBM 5085 and Apple IIc
Ewoud Albach for the Wang Professional PC
Drukkerij Zoetewey for the Macintosh IIx and IIfx
Arjan de Waal for the Vendex Headstart III
One of my teachers, Urbanus for the Laser XT/4E
P van Eenennaam for the OCE CPT 8000
Vegro for the MicroPDP 11/83
Geert Rolf for the Digital VT100
John Winters for the BASF 7100
Willem van der Most for the Osborne 1 and Amiga 1000
Computer Club Total for the Cybernex XLA-87D, IBM 3178C and Philips PG6050
Imtech Marine & Industry for the Digital VAXstation 3100 and other misc. equipment
Dhr. A.M. Bos for the Victor Vicky

And I also would like to thank Jan Belgraver for informing me of several Digital machines

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    Audio Sonic
  • PP1292
  • Tele-Sports-III
  • TVG-201

  • 7100 (1979)

  • TV Master MK 6

  • Model 14

  • TCU 7021D

    Citoh Electronics
  • Cit 101 Terminal (Digital VT100 Clone)

  • XLA-87D (Terminal, 1985)

  • Sorcerer (1977)

  • H89 (1978)

    Hewlett Packard
  • 9810 (1972)
  • 9825B (1976)
  • HP-150 (1983)
  • HP-71B (1984)
  • HP-85B (1979)
  • HP9000/300 (198?)

  • PC Quattro (+/-1984)

  • XT/3
  • XT/4E

  • MicroVision

  • Tele-Sports

  • GXL-4 (Video Sporter) (1978)

  • CPT 8000
  • CPT 8600
  • CPT 9000

  • Organiser II

  • T/S 1000 (1982) 

  • Headstart III
  • Headstart System Turbo 888-XTA

  • Vicky

  • 2200 VS (1978)
  • 2256 C
  • 4230
  • Professional PC (1987)
  • VS-85 (1983)

If you have any old computers stuff (from magazines to mainframes), and you don't want it anymore, please contact me, i'm always interested! 

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