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From: []
Date: Sat Apr 9 13:34:23 2005

I am looking for old computers and especially Dragon32, Acorn BBC Micro, Amiga 1000.

From: []
Date: Fri Apr 8 14:31:54 2005

I have recently discovered an Osborne 1 in my attic and was wondering if it is actually worth anything.

From: []
Date: Wed Apr 6 01:33:12 2005

i have a vendex system complete with games and everything for sale please contact me if interested i also have complete with games atari 2600 and vic 20 with me at 631-355-1826 christian

From: []
Date: Mon Apr 4 18:20:35 2005

Anybody know repair services in Europe for Osborne 1a? I have two systems not working.

From: []
Date: Fri Apr 1 21:52:18 2005


I recently had an Osbourne 1 stolen and need to give a valuation for the insurance claim, any suggestions gratefully received



From: []
Date: Fri Apr 1 00:14:15 2005

Hi If some body can hellp me out; I looking for a keyboard and cable for Commondor SX64 Ih you have please let me know Alex

From: []
Date: Thu Mar 31 21:14:31 2005


IBM PS2/ Note, Type 8533, incl. external floppy-drive, adapter. Contact me!!!

From: []
Date: Tue Mar 29 20:31:10 2005

tendran cintas para un procesador de palabra marca magnavox 350. respondan lo mas pronto posible...


From: []
Date: Tue Mar 29 20:31:05 2005

tendran cintas para un procesador de palabra marca magnavox 350. respondan lo mas pronto posible...


From: []
Date: Mon Mar 28 16:16:30 2005

Hello, I'm looking for a Commodore 64 old (with the 6510 CPU) computer, would You tell me if it's possible to buy one that works properly Thanks in advance, Victor

From: []
Date: Sun Mar 27 06:08:05 2005

Hello I see that you have a olivetti audit 5 in your list . do you have one. i would like to have pictures. i used to work on them in the late 70s or if you would sell it randy larson


From: []
Date: Fri Mar 25 20:53:09 2005


We're a small greeting card company looking for original photos of early computers in use. We'll need permission from the person/people in the photo and we'll happily pay royalties for any pictures we use. Thanks Dave

From: []
Date: Thu Mar 24 12:58:54 2005

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am looking for the manual from the Philips 350 series. Can you help me to find this manual?


Greetings Marjolein van der Werff

From: []
Date: Thu Mar 24 10:19:37 2005

I have the following available:

- IDS-440 Paper Tiger printer (7-pin dot matrix) with original purchase receipt.

- Novation Cat acoustic 300-baud modem

- 1,000+ magazines dating back to 1976.

- Tandy Model 100 portable, in case

If interested, make an offer. All items in the US, but can ship anywhere.

From: sengan at []
Date: Thu Mar 24 07:54:31 2005

I'm looking for a Canon Cat computer. If you have one, please email me.

From: []
Date: Tue Mar 22 02:46:13 2005

Nevermind that last message. I still have the bell and howell computer for sale in my possession. If you are SERIOUSLY interested, Email me and let me know. I have pictures for your viewing and do not ship or deal internationally.

From: []
Date: Sun Mar 20 18:35:42 2005

Hi All, I'm looking for all kinds of PDP equipment, documentation, boards, drives, packs etc. All is welcome. Thanks :)

From: []
Date: Sat Mar 19 20:22:01 2005


From: []
Date: Fri Mar 18 03:44:04 2005

I'm looking for a 1988 vTech Laser Compact XT computer or just the keyboard part. Can you locate one of these for me.

From: []
Date: Mon Mar 14 08:59:34 2005

I am looking for the 2MB upgrade memory for a IBM PS/1 286 Model 2011 (or any other parts for one).

From: []
Date: Sun Mar 13 23:52:16 2005

Microsoft Windows upgrade edition for users of Windows Version 3.0 or 2.X. is available. I am intersted getting rid of it since I have no use of it now. Contact

From: []
Date: Sun Mar 13 19:50:03 2005

I have an Osborne 1 Computer with original floppy disks, instruction manuals (in German) and all the rest of it. Please direct your offer in Ä to The poece is actually stored in Germany

From: []
Date: Sat Mar 12 20:55:22 2005

Looking for the 64K RAM Memopak add-on for the ZX81 or Timex/Sinclair 1000 computer. If you have one you'd be willing to part with, PLEASE contact me! Thanks!

From: []
Date: Sat Mar 12 10:23:54 2005

Just listed this on Ebay australia, if anyone is interested.....

From: []
Date: Sat Mar 12 04:51:09 2005

For sell a 540 MB computer hard drive from a HP 540 desk top computer, great condition. It was replaced many years ago by a larger hard drive. If interested, send inquiry to Ron at []

From: []
Date: Fri Mar 11 00:09:21 2005

Looking for Wang 3300 computer (not 2200), any manuals, books, paper tapes, cassettes, ANYTHING concerning the 3300!

From: []
Date: Thu Mar 10 19:55:11 2005

Hello. I'm looking for the bundled diskettes that came with a Kaypro II. Or at least the Boot Disk And Perfect Writer.

From: []
Date: Wed Mar 9 18:42:01 2005

I am looking for Magnavox Videowriter printer cartridges. Thanks! Henry

From: []
Date: Wed Mar 9 03:34:30 2005

hello i was taking notice to your site and just wanted to say that i have a black apple 2 in my possession now and am trying to get rid of it. It has only had 2 owners one before me. The keyboard is black but they didn't make a black monitor (so i have read) so i have a beige monitor. The cpu comes one but with the monitor not showing a picture it is hard to tell if it is working properly. The light on the monitor is on but no picture. I have 2 drives to go with it. I have pics of it that i can supply. I have more than enough software for the unit and some still in original packaging with the books to go with it. If you are interested please feel free to drop me a line, or if you know someone that would be interested in it. Thanks for your time.

From: []
Date: Sat Mar 5 16:28:39 2005

Looking for a Epson QX-10 and hard drive. I live in Ontario Canada

From: vairlarry@aol,com []
Date: Fri Mar 4 04:12:41 2005

is there any avalibility of drivers in dos 2.1 for a plus + hardcard 20 ?

From: []
Date: Thu Mar 3 22:32:19 2005

Computer collector looking for any old machines, especially Commodore PETs, Osborne, Apricot, Kaypro, etc. Must be working.

E-mail me with details, price, photos if possible, etc. UK only please. Thanks in advance!

From: []
Date: Thu Mar 3 02:48:38 2005

Looking for old Digital Equipment(DEC) large PDP or VAX iron. I can pickup anywhere in the northeast. I'm not scared by the size. VAX 11/7xxx, 6,7,8,9000.

From: []
Date: Wed Mar 2 19:38:16 2005

We have an apple IIe double disk drive running a piece of equipment in our laboratory and the monitor has doed on us.

We are looking for a monitor that may be compatable with the machine we have.

Linda Dwyer Analyst

From: []
Date: Wed Mar 2 10:20:33 2005

I just put up some Text Tell Px 1000 and PXP 40 printers on marktplaats. Maybe you want them. (come and pick the stuff up before it goes down into the 'Kliko')

From: []
Date: Wed Mar 2 06:03:27 2005

I have an old 9 pin monitor taken from a NEC PowerMate SX. the date of manufacture is 1986. I have the power cord, video cord and the PCI card that it was used with. Does anybody need this type of monitor?

From: []
Date: Wed Mar 2 04:31:25 2005

I have a working Altair 8800 I pick up from a University if anyone is interested, contact Thomas (

From: []
Date: Tue Mar 1 07:01:18 2005

Oh and I forgot in my last post.......

A MAC Classic II. (i KNOW that still works; it booted the day before yesterday!)

From: []
Date: Tue Mar 1 06:59:31 2005

Anyone fancy making an offer for any of these?

AMSTRAD CPC-464 (the tape drive model)

AMSTRAD CPC-664 (the one with the 3.0 inch hard-cased floppies)

Both have original CRTs and heaps of software (games mostly)

ZX-81 with about 10 games.

From: []
Date: Mon Feb 28 14:37:29 2005

I'm trying to fill out a display that I am organizing for a local museum. I need the following:

Apple I. Apple II, IMSAI 8080, ALTAIR, Mark-8, IBM 5100, HP 9830, Arkay CT-650, Minivac 601, SIMON. (They do not have to be working.)

Any help you can give me in aquiring these PCs will be appreciated. Thanks, Jim

From: []
Date: Mon Feb 28 11:13:22 2005

Hello I hava a Osborne 1 computor No A21436 Do you know anyone who are interested in this machine

Ola Malm Sweden

From: []
Date: Mon Feb 28 11:13:21 2005

Hello I hava a Osborne 1 computor No A21436 Do you know anyone who are interested in this machine

Ola Malm Sweden

From: []
Date: Mon Feb 28 10:25:43 2005

I want to find a floppy drive, which is with following aspect: 1, shape size: 4inch * 5inch * 0.5inch (roughly); 2, 26-pin connect; 3, Should match "TEAC FD-05HF-40"

From: []
Date: Sun Feb 27 02:05:57 2005

Wanted : Memory for a HP PortablePlus

From: []
Date: Sun Feb 27 02:05:51 2005

Wanted : Memory for a HP PortablePlus

From: []
Date: Sat Feb 26 23:15:43 2005


I have a Victor 9000 & Victor 6040 printer (which is actually a Diablo 630). I also have a Compaq 8080 with a 20 meg HD. Any ideas on where to find a home for these items?

Iím in Southern California.


From: []
Date: Tue Feb 22 04:11:24 2005

I am selling a vintage Kaypro II computer made in 1982.

From: []
Date: Mon Feb 21 01:02:12 2005

I have sereral items that I would like to get rid of and would like to know what you would offer me. Could you please get back to me. Thank you......Andrew DeVigili.

Package I:

MacIIci [System 7.5] includes:

500 Mb Hard Drive 16 Mb Ram RGB Monitor StyleWriterII Printer Keyboard Internet Ready Tons of Software Installed

Package II [$450]:

MacIIci [System 7.5] includes:

80 Mb Hard Drive 8 Mb Ram Macintosh Plus Monitor ImageWriterII Printer Keyboard Internet Ready Tons of Software Installed

Package III [$250]:

Macintosh Classic [System 6.7] includes:

40 Mb Hard Drive 4 Mb Ram ImageWriterII Printer Keyboard Internet Ready Tons of Software Installed

From: []
Date: Mon Feb 14 18:38:40 2005

IBM XT...purchased in 1985 or 1986. We would like to sell it. Has original monitor and keyboard. Thank You. Contact Edwin @

From: []
Date: Mon Feb 14 14:17:32 2005

I looking for Fujitsu (SECOINSA) FM-7

From: []
Date: Sun Feb 13 18:37:14 2005


I have some Apple Newton PDA models

11 MP120 (inside original box) 11 MP2000 5 MP2100

Perhaps you can be interested on buy it. All items are working.

The price is EUR 200 by unit. (you can make an offer for all of them)


Jordi Mirů STM, SL +34 934 080 555

From: []
Date: Sun Feb 13 00:42:22 2005

Original Osborne 1 Barely used. In storage. Have most of original manuals and software. Make offer

From: []
Date: Sat Feb 12 22:41:31 2005

1988 Apple Mac dont know model works need new keyboard. E-Mail your offer. thanks for looking!

From: []
Date: Wed Feb 9 16:20:49 2005


I'm looking for an old IBM PS2 Model 55, can anyone help?


From: []
Date: Thu Feb 3 02:24:21 2005

have compudyne computer its old but dont know age have questions contact me at email......thanks

From: []
Date: Sun Jan 30 18:24:22 2005

I'm looking for dictionary and storage diskettes for a Philips Magnavox VideoWriter. The part number I need is PWP003 AM

Please respond with price, including postage.

Many thanks! Gene

From: []
Date: Sun Jan 30 03:50:04 2005

i would like to buy an old ibm-1130 as well as the cardreader and printer that went with it. thanks, jim bradway

From: []
Date: Sat Jan 29 09:51:48 2005

I have available for sale a couple of Apple IIe computers complete with software, Apple IIc complete, and a number of old Macs, different models. Also parts and software for other old computers.

If anyone is interested, please e-mail me with a list of your needs.

Thank you

Duane MacKay Ancient Computers

From: []
Date: Sat Jan 29 02:29:53 2005

i have a macintosh 128k model 0001. original keyboard and mouse. it still works somewhat. i need to know what it is worth. i was told once that it had the names of the builders written inside the case in gold ink. i have not opened it up. any advice out there for me? thank you. frank

From: []
Date: Thu Jan 27 21:46:15 2005

Im looking to buy or trade for Commodore pal vic-20 or vc-20 (vic20, vc20) Computer(s). Please email (remove spam) if you have 1 or 2 or 3 to get rid of. I have ntsc items to trade or paypal. Thanks


From: []
Date: Tue Jan 25 16:47:40 2005

I have a 1984 Amstrad CPC 464 with a green monitor and a selection of games. All with original boxes and user manual and in good working condition. How much should i be looking at selling it for and would anyone be interested? Regards Martin.

From: []
Date: Sat Jan 22 22:16:32 2005

Hi I have a Olivetti M15 personal computer that I have never used and wondered if it would be any use to any one out there? I live in the Uk. If your interested please email me. Thanks Richard

From: []
Date: Sat Jan 22 01:29:30 2005

I'm searching for an Apple II SCSI interface board and for an Apple II SuperDrive controller board. Does anyone have them?

From: []
Date: Fri Jan 21 01:38:23 2005

Looking for Cromemco 16Kz S-100 bus cards...

From: []
Date: Thu Jan 20 15:13:54 2005

Hello I'm selling a Sharp Pocket Computer Pc-1500 with printer.



From: []
Date: Mon Jan 17 17:04:11 2005

I have two (2) Kaypro II machines in good condition. Original owner. I just put them back in the closet and upgraded to new technology. All cords included. Software manuals and diskettes varied and usable. Accepting offers to those that can use them or perhaps place in a museum somewhere.

Date: Sun Jan 16 18:13:30 2005

I HAVE A TRS 80 MODEL II COMPLETE WITH 3BAY EXPANSION SLOT (ONLY ONE BAY ACTIVE), related DMP that came with the system, the original desk that held the expansion bay and a few accounting manuals. I have not sparked it up in years but it was fully operational when I put it in storage. Is there a market for this?

From: []
Date: Thu Jan 13 01:47:34 2005

I'd like to buy an original Macintosh (M0001-128K). CHEAP, please.

howard (USA)

From: []
Date: Mon Jan 10 23:53:08 2005

I have the following computers for sale individually, or both for the best reasonable offer plus shipping if not in the Los Angles/Southern California area.

1. Classic IBM PC XT, all original with 512k, green monochrome monitor, 30 meg HD, 1, 5.25 floppy(I think a DD), and original metal xt keyboard. Works fine, with dos 5, wp51, and I believe some other software installed. Works fine. Real IBM, NOT a clone.

2. Compaq Deskpro 286. 40 meg hd, 1. 1.25 5.25 floppy, 1 1.44, 3.5 floppy, functioning modem, dos 5, wp 51, dosfax lite. Ega, card, with Goldstar EGA color monitor. It also comes with the original yellow monochrome ega monitor, with card. Buy both, and I'll throw in a new, never used monochrome video card(if I still have it, and I think I do).

Both machines work fine, and although I know that these are vintage, I will not just give them away. Make me a reasonable offer, and we'll talk. Thanks. Cliff Harmon

From: []
Date: Sun Jan 9 01:48:02 2005

I have a complete IBM vintage computer P70 386 8573-061 system. It's one of the first portables. I would like to sell it to the highest bidder.

Richard Flowers

From: []
Date: Wed Jan 5 11:15:09 2005

I have a 1981 Osborne Computer. It still operates. I also have an UNOPENED ORiginal Osborne DBase II with zip and Tutor dated 1981. Version 2.3b Serial Number 25839 Is this worth anything? I have had the computer since it was new.Bought it in 1981.

Any info you may provide would be helpful. Stan

From: []
Date: Sat Jan 1 15:02:05 2005

Has anyone any info on the Research machines SM400 or SE400 laptops [hardware, software or documentation] please?

From: []
Date: Tue Dec 28 21:49:48 2004

Have a complete Altos/Televideo/Mannesman system for sale. I am original owner-bought sometime in late '70s Operational last time I checked- wife used as word processor for Masters. Altos is 8000-2 with CPM, televideo is amber with keyboard, Printer is metal 9000 baud wide unit. includes all cabling- some 8 " discs and following original licensed software:Digital Systems Interface Manuals 1979, FMS 80 database manager (good one), Microsoft Basic 80 (1979), Peachtree Majic Wand (Wordprocessor, Microsoft Multiplan (early exel), Digital Systems/Altos manual ver 1.10, May also have mannesman printer manual and televideo manual but havent found yet. Printer has case of spare ink tapes and have couple of boxes of blank discs.

Can anyone advise me on values - or should I just junk the stuff- must clean it out.

From: []
Date: Mon Dec 27 00:36:51 2004

Hi I too am after a working RM 380Z if anyone wants to send me a sale offer? preferably with software but ok without.

From: []
Date: Thu Dec 23 15:57:08 2004

I want a keybord to complete my old computer. Commodore 64, mod. 1984. I have some problems with the picture and dont know the name of the chip!

Do have a pad for me?

From: []
Date: Fri Dec 17 05:15:04 2004


I found two of the Compaq portables in my garage that have the amber plasma screens. They both work and one even has brown bag and norton commander on it with spreadsheet and a word processor in the menu. I believe these are the 80286 versions but could be the 80386 CPU. If you are interested make me an offer. I will be putting them on Ebay eventually but was hoping to find them a better home with a collector.

Dave Alexander 949-472-4667

From: []
Date: Tue Dec 14 06:30:21 2004

Side note: I originally had the portable computer in the box and monitor (+ RF cable) for the item below, and it worked, I don't know if I still have anything but the cartidge now, I can search for it if your interested.


From: []
Date: Tue Dec 14 06:27:08 2004

Very interesting piece of Microsoft history:

1. Microsoft Basic interpreter cartridge copyright 1978 this was an 8-track that Bill Gates and co. gutted and redesigned to hold the circuit board for a "portable" computer. It was found at a University where it was being thrown away. From what I can gather (there doesn't seem to be too much available) this was from the Albuquerque days of Microsoft when there were roughly 12 people who were more or less friends from Homebrew or such. Anyway contact me for more info I will be glad to discuss.


From: []
Date: Mon Dec 13 20:26:01 2004

I would like to get a AIM65 and the documentation, especially the J1-4 Interface connection. If you have those, please quote us.

From: []
Date: Sat Dec 11 03:13:29 2004

I need a copy of the manual for a Panasonic RL-H1400 hand held computer. Does anyone know if I can download one? Donald L. Hawkins

From: []
Date: Fri Dec 10 01:16:33 2004

For sale Sord Personal Portable Computer SR-11 (1984) In original box and packaging, manuals, tape drive, bar code reader. Offers?

From: []
Date: Tue Dec 7 00:15:25 2004

Wanted: RM-380Z I'm looking for a working Research Machines (RM) 380Z, preferably with the CP/M software. Any offers/leads gratefully received.

thanks Jase

From: []
Date: Sun Dec 5 22:56:58 2004


I am looking for a Sinclair QL, a Microbee, an ABC-80 and old operating systems.

Thank you for reading this message!

/regards Magnus

From: []
Date: Fri Dec 3 21:49:09 2004

i have a tandy 110 fd, i need help , i forgot how to use it

From: []
Date: Wed Dec 1 04:08:48 2004

Need to make room ... Looking for a good home for a Hyundai Super 286E Plus, 85 Mb HDD, 1.44 3.5 FD, 1.2 5.25 FD, EGA/VGA, 5 Meg Ram, Win3.1. All in working condition. $25.00 + Shipping or Pick-up if ur in Jersey.

From: []
Date: Sun Nov 21 03:35:57 2004

Looking for 20, 40 or 80 Mega Byte External SCSI hard drive for MAC PLUS.

From: zorglub29:at:hotmail:dot:com []
Date: Wed Nov 17 00:20:29 2004


I am looking for everything that is related to Interact Computer Model One (made around 1982) Can buy for a good price or trade against one of the French successors of this machine.

Thanks ! Yves

From: []
Date: Mon Nov 15 21:46:37 2004

For SALE: Olivetti BCS 2030 of 1979- I send photos of this to the buyer. I think that don`t work but the shape is perfect.

From: []
Date: Sun Nov 14 09:13:38 2004

For sale: Epson HX-20 portable computer. The world's first portable computer, designed in 1981, on the market in 1982. This one contains built-in 'peripherals' as micro-flopy drive and dot matrix printer. What's more: the system is in top shape and all components still work quite well! A real beauty for the IT collectioneur. For details of this mother of all laptops please refer to and the references given there.

Cheers, Ted

Date: Fri Nov 12 09:40:34 2004


From: []
Date: Thu Nov 11 17:47:39 2004

For inventory for the state I need to know the price of an IBM laptop L40 SX. Ball-park price is OK to establish original cost. The battery is long dead but we have AC adaptor. Thanks for any ideas- I've been combing the web for two days.


From: []
Date: Mon Nov 8 03:53:36 2004

Have one (1) Kaypro II and two (2) Osbourne I computers with all sorts of software. Monitor on one Osbourne does not work. Due to size and weight of computers and all software, prefer to sell to interested parties in southern Ontario, Canada area. Best offer.

From: []
Date: Wed Nov 3 11:37:14 2004

FOR SALE (Sorry can only deliver to UK addresses) -------- * Apple Macintosh LC Mac Home Computer (1980s).

* Apple Macintosh software (1980s)

* Thermal printer, paper rolls and manuals for Sinclair ZX81 (1970s).

From: []
Date: Mon Nov 1 02:59:08 2004


I look for old PC diskdrives 1,44MB with jumpers send me mail i jou have one.

regards, hugo

From: []
Date: Sun Oct 31 01:57:06 2004

I'm looking for a sharp pc-1500 or 1500a pocket computer with the printer/cassette interface. Please contact me if you have one or know where one is for sale. Thanks, Joe.

Date: Mon Oct 25 18:03:11 2004



From: []
Date: Sun Oct 24 18:03:47 2004

I have an Exidy with S-100 and floppy drives. I have missed placed my floppy disks. They had CP/M, an editor, assembler compiler, and utilities. I would be very interested in obtaining a copy of same. My floppies were 5.25, single sided, 97K.

From: []
Date: Wed Oct 20 18:57:45 2004

Hi, I'm looking for Apple IIe (128 ko color card dual-disk), IIc, IIc+ or TRS in good condition.

They must be provided with software and documentation, books.

May you have some of them to sell ?

From: []
Date: Mon Oct 18 19:56:00 2004

I want to buy DEC PDP11 equipment. Looking for KDJ11, DRV11-J, KXT11, MRV11-D, MSV05, MSV11-MB, IEQ11, Emulex, CMD, Dilog, Viking etc. Thank you, Shannon Hoskins

From: []
Date: Thu Oct 14 15:13:18 2004

Would you be interested in DOS 6.22, Windows 3.0, Windows 3.11, also I have the MS-DOS User Guide and Ref for DOS 5.0, still in pretty good condition.

In hardware I have a Conner harddrive Model CFS850A and a Fujitsu harddrive Model M1614TAU both are still in great condition.

Let me know through E-Mail and we'll talk

Thomas Ross

From: []
Date: Wed Oct 13 09:56:17 2004

Hi, I'm looking for the program "Music" for the Tandy 1000 series computer. I have a Tandy 1000TL computer, it has the GUI called Deskmate. I found it in the trash but it has no disks. Will pay cash$$$!!!

From: []
Date: Tue Oct 12 19:20:42 2004

looking for boot disk victor 9000

From: []
Date: Thu Oct 7 16:15:18 2004

Looking for msx-2 machine in good condition (monitor not needed). FDD is a must. Also interested in cartridges.

From: []
Date: Sat Oct 2 08:16:15 2004

pls. send details about old computers for purchase

From: []
Date: Thu Sep 30 17:51:23 2004

I have a 1988 simmons SDX computer musical instrument. It has a 68000 processor and an optical trackball. I think the trackball is crapping out and I'm trying to find a replacement or a repair person. Any help would be great. Thank you, Ed

From: []
Date: Tue Sep 28 14:23:11 2004

Franklin Ace 100 with 2 Rana Elite 5 inch floppy drives. Still works (circa 1984 computer). Also has an external hard drive with a huge 10 megabyte hard drive!

Who couldask for anything more!

From: []
Date: Mon Sep 27 19:22:34 2004

For sale : Motorola MC68010RC10 in PGA68 package. Untested but consmetically in really good shape.

Will sell it for 5 euro's or any other good alternative offer.

From: []
Date: Thu Sep 23 03:00:29 2004

Would like to buy an ibm-1130 computer (yes, from the 60s ! ) willing to pay for reasonable shipping too. want card reader and printer with it if possible. thanks, jim bradway

From: []
Date: Thu Sep 23 01:11:11 2004

I want to ask you to buy many many old computers, can you reply my mail and tell me all prices of your computers. Thank you

From: []
Date: Tue Sep 21 22:13:31 2004

For sale :

2x Maxtor XT-1140 MFM full height hard drive's. Tested and as far as I can see in fine condition.

From: []
Date: Tue Sep 21 11:44:18 2004

I have for sale here a Victor Vicky. Its a rather rare "portable" just like the famous Osborne, Kaypro, Bondwell etc. I have never seen another Vicky before so I would say this one is much rarer than the other "portables" It is tucked away right now, but if someone is really interested I will get it out and answer any questions someone might have.


From: []
Date: Fri Sep 17 15:52:58 2004

hi there are there someone there can help me to find a jumper config. on a GVP hardcard a2000-hc2 back from 1989 is a scsi card for a amiga 2000 i realy need that infomacions

niels H kristensen denmark (dk)

From: []
Date: Wed Sep 15 13:48:05 2004

Would anyone know where I could buy Amstrad 6128+ and CPM software? please contact me ASAYCBB (as soon as you can be bothered)

From: []
Date: Sun Sep 12 13:06:51 2004

I have a daisywheelprinter Juki, Kaypro (1985?) and I want to sell it...... Interested?

From: []
Date: Mon Sep 6 13:42:12 2004

I have C64 (no monitor).I want to sell it.

What is Price it?

thank you?

From: []
Date: Mon Sep 6 00:46:15 2004

Frustrated techno-phobe seeks Magnavox Video Writer 250 storage discs and print cartridges for evenings of poetry, long walks on the beach at sunset, and an occasional soothing chowder bath.

From: []
Date: Tue Aug 31 10:57:32 2004

Im wondering what the going rate for a working mac with these specs.includes external floppy. model #: M0001 Ram: 128k with the signatures of the designers cast into the inside of the case.

From: []
Date: Sat Aug 28 15:11:23 2004

Hi i am looking for win3.1 stuff like for the internet and for video editing etc also I am looking for a 26 pin connector male to plug into my TV card.

I have some memory from an old pentium 1 socket 7 board and thats about it.

I got in a big argument with the guy at the skip so I need to get this stuff online now.

From: []
Date: Sat Aug 28 09:06:18 2004

For the TANDY 1000 series computers:

Hi, does anyone happend to know where I could download or obtain a copy ot "Music"? This is the music program that came with the Tandy 1000TL. I want to actually use it to produce some electronic music. As a standalone or as a great sample source, there has to be some great sounds that can be made with the 3 voice chip and sampler. I am willing to pay for this program. Thanks! Dan

From: []
Date: Tue Aug 24 22:57:19 2004

Wanted--Set up disk for NEC ProSpeed 386

From: []
Date: Tue Aug 24 22:23:59 2004

I am looking for ribbons for a Magnavox videowriter 350. Would you know where they can be found?

From: []
Date: Tue Aug 24 10:10:34 2004


Radio Shack/Tandy TRS-80 External Fifteen Meg Disk System

External 15MB Primary Hard Drive

Sold for $2,500 when released in 1984. This item is VERY RARE!

From: []
Date: Fri Aug 20 00:02:47 2004

Am Lokking for Classic Macintosh Games.

From: []
Date: Tue Aug 17 16:00:45 2004

Hi, I am looking for a floppy drive for an IBM PS/1 PC, manufactured in 1991 or so. Thanks for any help!


From: []
Date: Thu Aug 12 11:36:56 2004

An Osborne Computer purchased by me new in 1982 - In full working order complete with many programs, start pac, instruction book etc.Lot of floppy disks as well

From: []
Date: Wed Aug 11 16:56:23 2004

I am still very fond of small computers made by Sinclair and Amstrad in the 1980's. I have some bits to trade with anyone who shares my interest and wants to use them to rebuild or repair a computer, and I want to obtain a working Amstrad PCW 8512 with modified lower drive (3.5 inch). To see my list, join the Yahoo group and look in the Files page. If you do not have a Yahoo ID you will need to register first but it is free. I also have a fully working Olivetti multi-function printer/scanner/copier with two brand new cartridges, only reason for selling is it has been replaced by a 4-function device!

From: []
Date: Wed Aug 11 06:31:31 2004

Canon Cat w/documentaion & printer The original Mac

From: []
Date: Tue Aug 10 11:31:46 2004

I am looking for an old computer game. It runs off of windows. It is call: Are we there yet?

Thank you,


From: []
Date: Sat Aug 7 16:36:59 2004

i need a keyboard for a commodore 8096-sk or any other keyboard that would work on that machine.

From: []
Date: Wed Aug 4 05:56:33 2004

I have 3 Osborne Exec and all the software and books you can think of I saw an Osborne 1 on ebay that went for 85 bucks but just email me and we will talk about it

I will sell altogether or break it up


From: []
Date: Mon Aug 2 18:47:58 2004

I have an apple//c computer for sale with monitor. it also comes with software books and a few blank disks. PRICE: $100.00 plus shipping. contact me at

From: []
Date: Sun Aug 1 14:45:51 2004

need a manual for a Toshiba Tecra 510CDT laptop. Can anyone scan same and send to me? Thanks in advance!

From: []
Date: Fri Jul 30 06:35:40 2004

Hello, I am looking for an old Mebius CD disc drive Model UJDCD6731.

Have you idea where I can buy one?



From: []
Date: Thu Jul 29 22:54:48 2004

I am trying to determine the open market selling price in Canadian dollars of a Mac Plus 6.0 computer c/w 20 meg Rodime hard drive (and keyboard, mouse and cables, of course) as of a selling date of Aug. 29, 1989. If you can help with this or give any info as to where I could get this value, it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Jim

From: []
Date: Wed Jul 28 19:06:00 2004

Hello i am looking for a computer manual for my toshiba laptop model T 5200/100.Help me any imformatiom on this laptop.

From: []
Date: Fri Jul 23 17:43:00 2004

Kaypro II for sale for best offer. In good condition and includes all original software and books. Must sell quickly!

From: []
Date: Wed Jul 21 01:36:01 2004

Maybe this is not the rright place for me but I have a box full of old computer equipment that I no longer need. I am a computer builder hobbiest and this stuff keeps piling up on me. Some ok it is new, most still in working order. 1 item is a new PC case complete with power supply. Only the internal speaker is missing. If anyone is interested, please contact me and I will give you a detailed list of what I have.

From: []
Date: Mon Jul 19 16:31:34 2004

I currently have a Sharp MZ80A uk spec machine, in full working order for sale, slight yellowing but otherwise as it left the factory, and also a mint condition Amstrad CPC 464+ (plus model) with monitor and 2 cartridge games, ie burning rubber/locomotive basic and a boxed barbarian II cart, over 35 tape games, including a few classics, 2 atari STs for parts/repair, and a commodore a1200 and 600 motherboard, both working, what im looking for is to trade these items for any interesting Atari hardware in working order, or a accelerator board for my A1200, also require a CD drive for the A1200, would also sell for cash, price to be negotiated, please contact me at above email address. many thanks, Billy (ps im in Aberdeen scotland)

From: []
Date: Sun Jul 18 11:48:47 2004

i have one 286 computer.conner hard disc.require to boot, logic card is necesory.capacity is between 30 to 100 mb please contact.

From: []
Date: Sat Jul 17 03:18:41 2004

I'm moving and cleaning out my basement. I have an Osborne 1 (A version I think)that I originally bought in about 1981 and all the bundled software including DBASEII. When I was at the Smithsonian several months ago they had an Osborne on display but it was a newer version, the Executive I believe. Is there anyone interested in this Osborne 1 as a collectable item. If not I wll try to give it to the Smithsonian next week to replace their later model.

Date: Wed Jul 14 00:31:53 2004

i have a tandy dwp 230 i bought years ago from RS. i no longer have the old RS computer that ran the printer.

i would like to sell the 230, but am ignorant as to how to test it with my hp6630, using windows 98. can someone clue me in?


From: []
Date: Mon Jul 12 05:47:45 2004

Panasonic RL-H1400 HHC HandHeld Computer (w/ extras!!!) for sale on eBay. *MINT* condition. Thanks for looking!

From: []
Date: Sun Jul 11 23:48:29 2004

Hello Iam looking to buy a manual for a old tosiba notebook MD.5100. PLEASE can any one help me? THANK YOU,,TJ

From: []
Date: Sun Jul 11 19:23:51 2004

im looking for and osborne 1 portable computer. will take any offers, though i only need the case.

From: []
Date: Sun Jul 11 16:23:04 2004

looking for 286 or 386 with expansion slots , working Hardrive and working floppy. 640k ram would be nice too but beggers can't be choosers...